Wednesday, June 20, 2007

RFL Heart & Soul

Compassion is contageous, I believe. I also believe compassion is a trait we share with our animal cousins. With this I feel that the ability to organize ourselves around this deep feeling within ourselves is also a shared instinct. Being human, being humanitarian, gives us the unique ability to organize with intelligence and a network of complexity that allows truly amazing things to happen; "Miracles", of willpower can win over the odds.

When we, as a species, are confronted with, and each personally devistated by, an affliction such as cancer, acts of seemingly random compassion take place in villages, towns and cities around the world until we are each touched and inspired by them. Individually we yearn to do something about it and we reach out until we find the collective that can and will have the greatest impact.

This collective is Relay For Life.

To expand further, the phenomenon that is Relay For Life in Second Life, brings out the best in a new world teeming with individuals who do not fear admitting they love one another, and thank each other daily for being part of one another's lives. One can only imagine the impact such shared emotion can have if we all contribute, just a little as we can.

The RFL Heart and Soul jewelry set is my contribution, appealing for your contribution so that you and I and *WE* together can make a difference. Aside from its brooch, which is for all to wear to show their support, the only means of obtaining the jewelry is to contribute to Relay For Life where your contribution will go toward fighting the affliction of cancer which touches us all in some way.

Contact one of the RFL representitives, starting with Tayzia Abattoir, to learn how you can contribute and show your dedication to this cause by purchasing the full RFL Heart and Soul jewelry set.

In the meantime, feel free to display this symbol of hearts and souls coming together in wonderful ways by wearing the free RFL Heart and Soul brooch. Compassion is contageous and never out of season. You never know who you might inspire to the cure, and who you might inspire to live.


Georgette Whitfield said...

Thank you.

Grazia Horwitz said...

Omg, Random, this is a beautiful set. A visit to your shop is on my to do list, on top of it :-)

Emilie said...

I had some bad news, was depressed and miserable and took to one of my preferred pick-me-uppers. A visit to drool over your creations.

I was, even more than usual, entranced and delighted. While visits to your vendor were always inspirational, the visit to your new store,, was totally *worthwhile.* Your jewellery remains the most remarkable ongoing joy I have found in Second Life. Where far too many purchases are forgotten in layers of inventory, your art rewards its owner each time it is put on. How can I begin to explain why some of your works move me to tears when I look at the self you extract from me, allowing me to visualize just how beautiful your adornment permits others to perceive me as being.

Judging from what you do for me, your jewellery would make a warthog irresistibly attractive - and a guaranteed center of attention. With or without lipstick and eyeshadow, even in a world where strange and wonderful forms are the norm :-) What your works do for me goes far beyond this. Like a shield of invulnerability, your art exudes the confidence of knowing that I am displayed to my best advantage all the time; not in a rapidly boring and even irritating monochromatic fashion, as with those pieces using bling and textures to achieve their effects; but dynamically and vivaciously, as if your works were imbued and sustained with an ever-changing, ever-evolving life of their own, inherited from SL's amazing optical effects and enhanced by your arts. I don't know how you achieve your magic, but I do know that no other SL artist of my experience has managed to capture this "living light" to such effect. It is as if I had lived in a bland pre-Raphaelite world until I discovered Impressionism through your creations :-)

Finally, a huge thank you for reducing your prices to historic SL levels for what has to be - easily - the most gorgeous jewellery I own; making it possible for me to afford more of your exquisite pieces. While I am in consequence really broke, it is appreciated more than mere words can express.

Mens said...

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