Friday, June 15, 2007

HUGE Ode Hunt at IBM Adventure Island

I am adding to the previous post (below) to try to describe the incredible weekend I had, but this one photo of the lovely Chelsea Grigg sums up what it was all about. I can add no more but my heartfelt thanks to everyone! A special thank you goes to Anita Cassini, our hostess, and the work she and her team at IBM put into making the SOA Adventure Island the perfect venue.

(adding to my post as the day goes by)
And here is another photo of beautiful Babydoll among the butterflies. I gave Babydoll a headpiece in Salmon and Peach so she can remember:

A chart of all the colors of Ode was requested during the hunt. Here it is for anyone who wants it:
There was a lot of joy.

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*IMPORTANT NEWS* I had mentioned Ode in a previous post the creation of a set of jewelry called Ode to Caledon. On Saturday the 16th of June, the IBM SOA Adventure Island ( will open to select groups. The RC New Jewelry Hotline group will get a 15 minute head start at 6:45am SLT. Here are the particulars from the organizer of the hunt:

One SIM, 368 pieces of jewelry hidden in ButterfliesGrab your net - Find them all - Trade - Build a set

ODE to Caledon Butterfly Hunt
In IBM SOA Adventrure Island WebSphere, we have hidden 388 pieces of jewelry in butterflies. Three sets each: ODE Amber, ODE Amber and Crimson, ODE Amber and Emerald, ODE Amber and Rose, ODE Crimson and Golden, ODE Crimson and Scarlet, ODE Emerald and Rose, ODE in Navy, ODE in Navy and Emerald, ODE Navy and Crimson, ODE in Salmon and Pink, ODE Lavender and Rose, ODE In Twilight, ODE in Living Ivory and one set of ODE In Shade of Golden.

Each buterfly has on piece of jewelry (Necklace, Pendant, Brooch, Bracelet, Ring, Earring (L), Earring (R) and Hair piece. Catch as many butterflies as you can. Use them alone or trade with others and build a set.

This is a sneak peek of SOA Adventure Island - WebSphere which will offiicially open next week. IBM SOA Adventure Island (216, 213,23) will only be open to Ode Butterfly Collectors, RC New Jewelry Hotline, SOA Land, Eightbar, Independent State of Caledon, Nicky Ree, and Ballroom Club groups. Join now.

There is also a collectors group called "Ode Butterfly Collectors" already started by one of my great and longtime friends Rhyme Gardner. It is her vision that people in the group can trade the bits and pieces they get of their sets to complete their collections. The group is open and free to join.

I hope everyone has fun :)


rabbit said...

This hunt was great fun! I would have loved to find more pieces but now I get to make new friends while trying to trade the ones I did find to match colors. I kept getting distracted from the hunt to play on the island. It is beautiful and I found so many fun things to do it's no wonder I didn't find that many butterflies. Thanks for the beauty, the fun, and the new friends I will most likely meet because of you. When do we do it again?

Anonymous said...

I had a great time doing this! And found two beautiful hairpieces - thanks so much! Your work is so incredible!!

Katicus Sparrow

Random Calliope said...

What a great writeup on your blog, Katicus! Thank you :)

Aradia Dielli said...

I can't begin to tell you just how much fun I had this weekend, even my husband took part in the hunt and became obsessed with finding those little beauties hehe. Thanks so much for putting this wonderful hunt together and thanks to everyone that helped make this happen.

Not only did I find many treasures in your pieces, but I also found the treasures of friendship. Thanks again for being so patient even when SL wasn't cooperating.

Chel looks like a little angel. She had so much fun. Baby did as well.

Random Calliope said...

I couldn't resist adding more to this post. The picture Babydoll gave me just HAD to go here too! :)

Anita Cassini said...

Thank all of you for coming!!!! was great fun....

Incredible but you left a few butterflies with jewelry! We'll have to put those that you left back in :-) When you come with your friends and see a butterfly - Grab it .. all diversion ones are gone!

Will be fun to start the trading. I know of a few that have started to build sets.

Thanks again to all for making my weekend memorable!

Georgette Whitfield said...

It was a truly great day! Those photos are so cute. Mine didn't turn out so well, but I like the fishes one I took:

Thanks again to the organisers.

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