Friday, March 16, 2007

Little Jimmy Brown Preview

*SPOILER WARNING* - I want to wait until something is released to see it then read no further. Close your browser and go do something else. Thank you for dropping by.

I want to make sure that those of you who actually read this blog are getting what you came for. My reason for starting the blog was to keep those of you who are interested informed about my current work, even before it is released. Please keep in mind that this is just a preview of my current work, not the final version. I always adjust, sometimes dramatically, before putting anything out for anyone wear and (hopefully) be proud to call their own possession.
My last post sent you to a link that contained an old folk song officially titled "The Three Bells". The song is the story of a man by the name of Jimmy Brown (written and sung by Jim Ed Brown), whose life inspires three events of the ringing of the chapel bells in his little valley town; once at his birth, another at his wedding, and the last at his death.

Without going too far into the "who" or the "why" of my SL motivations for even thinking about creating a piece inspired both by the song and by the style of someone who has touched my mind, I do want to give a preview to those of you kind enough to point your browser and your interest in my direction.

Here is the earring, which made me think that to continue with it as a full set would be a worthy undertaking.

Last week we had an impromptu party for Fayandria Foley, a wonderful woman and survivor who was celebrating her first SL birthday (rezday). She was the first to receive these, and nobody can take that away from her. We love you, Fay.
Yes those are three chapel bell events in the earring.

When I showed this to the woman who inspired them (it isn't Fay, although she is worthy), and gave her a pair to help her understand why my head is often buried deep in my work for weeks at a time just to produce a single item such as this, she was somewhat startled. She had never mentioned it, or anything like it, but it happens that her grandfather used to sing this song to her when she was a child. I'm glad I was listening.
I do have the necklace started, but it really does take weeks - most of it in the design process of trial and error - to come up with something I am satisfied is the vision in my head. Although this will change completely I've decided to post a preview of the necklace also.
I am happy with the chain, and I am happy with the cross (including it was a conscious decision) but the triple bells may have to go away. I do not like the "batwing" effect of their being where they are. Perhaps there are just too many. I don't know what I'll do with it, but I know that as it is, it is too complicated looking from a distance. The overall effect hasn't been achieved in this as it is - not even close. I need to put the headphones on with the right music and lose myself; adjusting this and that, trying this, trying that, letting it tell me what it should become without my analyzing it to death. That's part of my challenge to myself.
Of course there will be a bracelet, and there will probably be a nice ring to match, but don't expect an armband, headpiece or navel ring. It just isn't going to happen with Little Jimmy Brown.

I do need to mention that there are changes in the air that I believe are very, very worthwhile. I do not know if this will eventually be a limited piece or not. I will have to explain that in a later post. Some of you may have noticed I have also been working on somewhat of a sculpture.

I am interested in comments, even anonymous ones, about whether you feel I should preview my work like this on the blog. Does it ruin the anticipation for you, does it intensify it, or does it even matter?

Have a beautiful day.

Added 3-19-2007

The Little Jimmy Brown necklace is done. It doesn't look like the above. I told you so. :)


Firehorse said...

Without your blog I would probably never get to see most of your work. Unfortunately I am neither rich or worthy enough to be blessed with such beautiful things in Sl.
Rgarding the triple bells on the necklace - don't lose the bells altogether - perhaps reducing the number of bells would be enough to give the balance required.

Very Lucky Girl said...

Last night I woke up around 3am and stared at Little Jimmy's diamonds for a long time.

It is an amazing piece of work. I changed the lighting to see if they would act as RL ones do.

I was shocked ... They do have fire and brilliance!!! They refract light in wonderful ways, colors change as I move and breathe..

I can't imagine the hours and research invested spent positioning each prim to create that effect.

WOW.. INCREDIBLE and beautiful Mr. Calliope

Sika Beck said...

I often read the blog and re-read even and Firehorse after reading your comment several times during the past few months, I had felt your pain, and sadness over the delima's we both share...Then someone special in my life who has watched me drool over this blog and even in Mr. Calliope's store pointed out to me that all women are beautiful and worthy of such beautiful baubbles...and rich isn't always the ability to own something but the ability to admire its beauty from afar...maybe that is why I spend so much time re-reading and looking at the pictures here in the blog, and standing at Worthwhile. *grins*

Anonymous said...

sika, I am almost embarrassed to admit that I have a standing offer of a piece of Randoms work, a piece that has called to my heart since I first saw the release notice. It is just too big, too valuable a thing to be a gift - I feel I have to earn it. Everytime I buy one of the cheaper items and gift it, the pain I feel is balanced by the thought that maybe I'm improving my karma enough to have the assasins collar, I make a point of giving out the slither and the peace sets to anyone who hasn't got a set and who wants something beautiful in their SL.
Each of us, in our own way,try to make Secondlife a more beautiful place - Random just has a skill which most of us can only wonder at.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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