Saturday, March 31, 2007

Miss SL L'Oreal Paris 2007 Tiara

As has been strongly objected to by some nice people and again by some other very nice people, I concede to the actual non-existence and relative short lifespan of SL and anything in it, as well as the fact that all time we spend in there is really just temporary arrangement of a variety of ones and zeros on some hard drive on some server in San Francisco or Dallas. I persisted with this creation with the full realization this isn't worth more than perhaps a cardboard cube anyone can make. I put some time into the tiara anyway and want to let those of you who enjoy my primwork and read my blog get a first look - even before its unveiling tonight (Saturday 3/31, or 31/3 depending on your local method of expressing dates) at the Miss Second Life L'Oreal Paris pageant.

  • My Profit = $0,
  • Expense = 3 weeks on the diamond, a week and a half on the tiara
  • My reason = The Art and the principle of impossibility
I created it in five layers, so to see what's going on in there really takes seeing it in-world. I did take 1024x768 pics of it though so you can get some detail and try to pan around it like I do when trying to get a better look at pics on the web, only to realize it's just a pic on the web and there's no such thing as panning. :)

I am VERY curious to find out which of the lovely women will own and wear this tonight; very curious. I wish each of them the best of luck. I am certain karmic forces will make the correct decision.

Comments welcome.

Monday, March 26, 2007

L'Oreal Paris - Miss Second Life Pageant

To keep you posted on why you haven't seen Little Jimmy Brown in the group notice, or anywhere else for that matter I will share this link with you.

I have been busy working hard on the tiara mentioned in the link. I would like to congratulate everyone on the list of finalists, some of whom I know and some I don't. I have many friends who were in the competition trying to get to that top 20 list.

A week or so ago I had the pleasure of meeting the charming Bianca Darling of ASpiRE magazine who is bringing the pageant to us. I was thrilled and probably ran away quicker than I should have.

I have also been working on the WorthWhile surprise. When that rolls out I don't think there's anyone out there who won't be happy with the decisions I've made to make it possible, or the work I've been putting into making it happen. A tremendous amount of work has also been going into it by my dear friend Anita Cassini. As a result of events found elsewhere in this blog I have teamed up with her and am trusting her implicitly about things she knows very well and I know very little about.

Back to the title of this post... The tiara itself, although not part of the Little Jimmy Brown set will certainly go well with it. I have it about 75% completed. I was almost done with it, but Anita had the idea to "test drive" it. I called my long-time friend Ashen Coalcliff who helped show me that for this event, where the wearer will be on a runway, I needed to do a few more things with it. After a few days digesting the new information I have decided just what I'll do. I don't know what I'd do without Ashen's and Anita's help with things like that.

As a side-note, I also started experimenting with possibilities for the Great Gatsby, also mentioned in an earlier post in my blog.

Again, Congratulations to the top 20 contestants of the L'Oreal Paris - Miss Second Life pageant.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Little Jimmy Brown Preview

*SPOILER WARNING* - I want to wait until something is released to see it then read no further. Close your browser and go do something else. Thank you for dropping by.

I want to make sure that those of you who actually read this blog are getting what you came for. My reason for starting the blog was to keep those of you who are interested informed about my current work, even before it is released. Please keep in mind that this is just a preview of my current work, not the final version. I always adjust, sometimes dramatically, before putting anything out for anyone wear and (hopefully) be proud to call their own possession.
My last post sent you to a link that contained an old folk song officially titled "The Three Bells". The song is the story of a man by the name of Jimmy Brown (written and sung by Jim Ed Brown), whose life inspires three events of the ringing of the chapel bells in his little valley town; once at his birth, another at his wedding, and the last at his death.

Without going too far into the "who" or the "why" of my SL motivations for even thinking about creating a piece inspired both by the song and by the style of someone who has touched my mind, I do want to give a preview to those of you kind enough to point your browser and your interest in my direction.

Here is the earring, which made me think that to continue with it as a full set would be a worthy undertaking.

Last week we had an impromptu party for Fayandria Foley, a wonderful woman and survivor who was celebrating her first SL birthday (rezday). She was the first to receive these, and nobody can take that away from her. We love you, Fay.
Yes those are three chapel bell events in the earring.

When I showed this to the woman who inspired them (it isn't Fay, although she is worthy), and gave her a pair to help her understand why my head is often buried deep in my work for weeks at a time just to produce a single item such as this, she was somewhat startled. She had never mentioned it, or anything like it, but it happens that her grandfather used to sing this song to her when she was a child. I'm glad I was listening.
I do have the necklace started, but it really does take weeks - most of it in the design process of trial and error - to come up with something I am satisfied is the vision in my head. Although this will change completely I've decided to post a preview of the necklace also.
I am happy with the chain, and I am happy with the cross (including it was a conscious decision) but the triple bells may have to go away. I do not like the "batwing" effect of their being where they are. Perhaps there are just too many. I don't know what I'll do with it, but I know that as it is, it is too complicated looking from a distance. The overall effect hasn't been achieved in this as it is - not even close. I need to put the headphones on with the right music and lose myself; adjusting this and that, trying this, trying that, letting it tell me what it should become without my analyzing it to death. That's part of my challenge to myself.
Of course there will be a bracelet, and there will probably be a nice ring to match, but don't expect an armband, headpiece or navel ring. It just isn't going to happen with Little Jimmy Brown.

I do need to mention that there are changes in the air that I believe are very, very worthwhile. I do not know if this will eventually be a limited piece or not. I will have to explain that in a later post. Some of you may have noticed I have also been working on somewhat of a sculpture.

I am interested in comments, even anonymous ones, about whether you feel I should preview my work like this on the blog. Does it ruin the anticipation for you, does it intensify it, or does it even matter?

Have a beautiful day.

Added 3-19-2007

The Little Jimmy Brown necklace is done. It doesn't look like the above. I told you so. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Piece Started

I guess there is no lower limit on the size of a post to the blog, but I did promise to indicate my current work here on the blog. I don't have a picture for it, but I am currently working on a piece called "Little Jimmy Brown". After clicking that link I can't imagine what must be going through your minds.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Gallery Is Gone

I wanted to say something about Passie Vuur today. It is probably one of my 3 favorite pieces I have done. I discovered I don't have a picture of it downloaded so instead I'll answer the question about why my gallery is gone.

Yes, I tore it down. It was confusing people and making them irate.

Right now, if you follow one of the landmarks out there that came with Slither you'll tp into a small yellow room that has my only vendor in SL.

I suppose I should try to list all or at least some of the different things I have dipped my finger into that may still be rustling around out there.

*10% of every purchase of more than $L1 from my vendor goes to support the continuation of Yummie Olson's Primtionary. Because Primtionary so impressed me when I was young in SL I am a fanatic fan of this game, even though I seldom find the time to attend.

*When I have idle time I like to happen upon new people coming to SL, teach them how to shop, buy them their first few heads of hair, a high quality shape, a high quality skin, and a few sets of the best clothes out there, give them some jewelry and set them free.

*In my house, when I have one, I have a chest of drawers that contains all of the unlimited pieces I have made. There are four people in SL who have access to that chest of drawers and can take anything they want out of it and give it away. These are people whose judgement I trust dearly.

*In the fall of 2005 I built a very large grand ballroom. Into the build itself I created the Mata Hari Puzzle. Shortly after its grand opening, during which was announced the semi-limited necklace called "The Gatsby", the full limited set "Crimson Mata Hari" (one of which the M2 learned had sold for $L50k),

and the Mata Hari Puzzle, I donated the ballroom itself to the Crescent Moon Museum in Taber. The Mata Hari Puzzle continues to have regular questers.

I said "Bannister", not "bannister". There. That ought to cut down the IMs. ;)

There's more, but I prefer to ramble right now.

So yesterday a friend sent me an IM asking me if I had plans for tomorrow (the 6th) to go celebrate my birthday. Then she realized that my rezday was today, the 5th. I hadn't even noticed or remembered. Being the early-to-bed type (I get up at 3:30am to get ready for work) I only had about an hour left online.

I had just sent an IM to an architect whose services I am in need of, but he wasn't online. Then I heard from someone else that he'd be on in a little while. Since the architect's services right at this moment are pretty critical I didn't want to have to leave a rezday celebration dance in the middle, so we made plans for the 6th instead.

While I was waiting for the architect to show up I went over to Artstock and contemplated some of the work. I was learning quite a bit about myself and humanity at one particular display when some of the artists showed up. What beautiful enlightenment they were able to provide! I thank them for fully handing me a piece of the puzzle. Now I am rightfully contemplating my own life, the love I have to give, and how I give it. I believe powerful art should do that.

If you ask me what the new picture on top of the blog is about I probably won't tell you. I guess I didn't tell you why my gallery is gone.

I told you I felt like rambling. I know this feeling. I feel like something is close to happening.