Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Gallery Is Gone

I wanted to say something about Passie Vuur today. It is probably one of my 3 favorite pieces I have done. I discovered I don't have a picture of it downloaded so instead I'll answer the question about why my gallery is gone.

Yes, I tore it down. It was confusing people and making them irate.

Right now, if you follow one of the landmarks out there that came with Slither you'll tp into a small yellow room that has my only vendor in SL.

I suppose I should try to list all or at least some of the different things I have dipped my finger into that may still be rustling around out there.

*10% of every purchase of more than $L1 from my vendor goes to support the continuation of Yummie Olson's Primtionary. Because Primtionary so impressed me when I was young in SL I am a fanatic fan of this game, even though I seldom find the time to attend.

*When I have idle time I like to happen upon new people coming to SL, teach them how to shop, buy them their first few heads of hair, a high quality shape, a high quality skin, and a few sets of the best clothes out there, give them some jewelry and set them free.

*In my house, when I have one, I have a chest of drawers that contains all of the unlimited pieces I have made. There are four people in SL who have access to that chest of drawers and can take anything they want out of it and give it away. These are people whose judgement I trust dearly.

*In the fall of 2005 I built a very large grand ballroom. Into the build itself I created the Mata Hari Puzzle. Shortly after its grand opening, during which was announced the semi-limited necklace called "The Gatsby", the full limited set "Crimson Mata Hari" (one of which the M2 learned had sold for $L50k),

and the Mata Hari Puzzle, I donated the ballroom itself to the Crescent Moon Museum in Taber. The Mata Hari Puzzle continues to have regular questers.

I said "Bannister", not "bannister". There. That ought to cut down the IMs. ;)

There's more, but I prefer to ramble right now.

So yesterday a friend sent me an IM asking me if I had plans for tomorrow (the 6th) to go celebrate my birthday. Then she realized that my rezday was today, the 5th. I hadn't even noticed or remembered. Being the early-to-bed type (I get up at 3:30am to get ready for work) I only had about an hour left online.

I had just sent an IM to an architect whose services I am in need of, but he wasn't online. Then I heard from someone else that he'd be on in a little while. Since the architect's services right at this moment are pretty critical I didn't want to have to leave a rezday celebration dance in the middle, so we made plans for the 6th instead.

While I was waiting for the architect to show up I went over to Artstock and contemplated some of the work. I was learning quite a bit about myself and humanity at one particular display when some of the artists showed up. What beautiful enlightenment they were able to provide! I thank them for fully handing me a piece of the puzzle. Now I am rightfully contemplating my own life, the love I have to give, and how I give it. I believe powerful art should do that.

If you ask me what the new picture on top of the blog is about I probably won't tell you. I guess I didn't tell you why my gallery is gone.

I told you I felt like rambling. I know this feeling. I feel like something is close to happening.