Monday, September 17, 2007


People will talk.

I could rightly say I am not a very practiced flirt, but I can also say I have seen some of the best in SL in action. In a world famously proud of its sexuality that is saying a lot. I do hope I can pay back the favor with the unmistakable innuendo of this piece called Rendezvous.

As with all my work all the prims of Rendezvous are naked; without paint, without covering, without shielding of any kind; completely vulnerable and fully in view and ready for touch. It is the only way to let the light tickle them just right. The prims are intertwined to mimic positions of bodies in the act of understanding and accentuating the other in a rocking rhythm all the way around. At most times only small portions of prims are touching each other. Still at other times they are surrounded by one another just being what they are for the sake of their partner.

When I asked a model to show Rendezvous to me on her body I was pleasantly surprised at what she suddenly offered. When she slipped the necklace around her neck and laid it across her bare breastbone the sun seemed to actually writhe and wiggle up and down the length of the piece. I stared. The deeper she breathed, the more rhymic the glisten. The faster the strobe the more hypnotized I had become. By wearing it she had given it a white hot life of its own.
The room key heaved up and down, up and down between her splendid breasts and I could swear I saw her heartbeat in her neck. I wanted nothing other than to insert that key into its lock.

The model raised her chin, in my mind offering her neck. When she did the earrings purred with light dripping from her earlobes. Her tapered fingers tightly grasped the ring of bright white diamond which I realized suddenly encircled her wrist as a bracelet...

"Random? Random?" she called to me...
Naughty boy.

For a long time now, people have been asking me for a diamond necklace. Unfortunately, prim limits on a single linked item, such as a necklace, have prevented it. The baguette diamond is new, and at 9 prims it allows me to create, finally, a diamond necklace. What does a diamond mean? How much sensuality is really in a diamond? I have decided that a diamond is not only pure sensuality, but also magnificent sexuality.

Detail below