Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Hmmm. How much should I say about Rarius? It is not new. I am catching up on my chronicle of work by posting this now. The chronology can be seen in the list on the right of the blog. Top listings are recent. Bottom listings are oldest.

First of all I should mention that since I lack the ability to role play (I'm just one of those "what you see is what you get" people) I am immediately disqualified from being Gorean. I can't pretend to be one so I am not one. It keeps me out of the whole "joining" aspects of most genres. That's why my avi is just a guy; not a beast of the forest, not a warrior, not a prince, devil, merman, dragon, faerie, beam of light, Mr. Spock, the Tick Tock Man, samauri, demon (succubus or otherwise), caveman, greek god, roman god, lightning rod, water sprite, private eye, king, queen, knight, one quarter of a barber shop quartet, slave, member of the militia, evil scientist, or teapot short and stout. I'm just me.

I still am curious about all the above and what makes someone want to do these things. I like to listen and pass no judgement. I like to understand. Gor is probably one of the most misunderstood, so I had to know. After reading the first couple of books their fascination with beauty fascinated me.

I met an outstanding woman by the name of Emily Darrow who helped me learn. She was open to every question I had and gave me insightful answers. Most importantly she did not judge me for not understanding and she did not fault me for my lack of role playing ability. She is a rare person, I think.

Through reading the books of Gor and through Emily's tutilage she and I concluded that what is missing in SL Gor is cherishment. She had gone through enough false masters - those who wish only to abuse another human being - that she was on the verge of disillusionment. Gor, for those who haven't read the books, cherishes its slaves and holds their beauty in high regard above all other beauty. Gor is a savage world, but slaves are beaten or abused no more than most people on Gor, and they are never humiliated. It just isn't done.

As I listened and learned I began to understand. We surmised that what SL Gor needs, aside from the education of the populace on what Gor is, is a cultural artifact they can call their own. The artifact should express what it is to be Gorean. It should express beauty as Goreans see it.

The word "Rarius" means "Warrior" in the Gorean language. It is one of the five high castes. The color that represents the Warrior caste is red.

The picture here consists of a pair of cuffs on the left, earrings in the middle, and the collar on the right.

Slaves don't wear earrings so I haven't made these generally available.

The Gorean symbol on all these pieces is a pearl, representing the counter-earth planet, a drop of blood coming from it to represent the brutality. The brutality rains upon the castes, with the exception of the highest caste. The priest kings are represented above the planet, as are its three moons of differing orbits. A stylized "G" accompanies.

The dina, or slave flower, adorns the collar, as does the double kef symbol hanging from the collar. As has been supposed, yes there are hidden meanings and much more subtle symbolism throughout. The kef and "counter" kef are one example to consider.

Spanning the front of the collar and linking sword hilt to sword hilt is a sturdy chain, probably too small to see in this picture. It arches over the worlds as a reminder of how high the calling of servitude is on Gor.

Rarius, the collar, although it is handsomely priced, has enjoyed a very small but devout following of those who actually cherish another. For their understanding of what Rarius is I am grateful to them. The cuffs and collar come without scripts but are modifiable so anyone can add their favorite scripts. They also come without textures, as you might expect from me by now.

My short foray into Gor cost me a couple of dear friends who are anti-Gorean. It was their opinion I shouldn't "dabble" in that with which they disagree. Although I am sad to have lost them, I guess they have a different idea of friendship than I do and I wish them well.

I am very happy that Rarius exists. I thank you Emily. It could not have been so without your patient ways with me.


Rebecca said...

This collar is exquisite, a true monument to real gorean values and SL beauty wrapped up in a symbol of respect and devotion.

GavHunter said...

I think that these are some very awesome creations... and I would like to compliment you on an excellent article.
The world of Gor (at least on AOL) has changed dramatically. There was a time when all you said was very true.
Maybe if some of the wannabes that play there now read your article.. they would get a clue and bring back the splendor and enjoyment one, myself included, had in the role play.
Thanks again Bruce Baker (aka GavHunter)

GavHunter said...
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Unknown said...

You mentioned: "Slaves don't wear earrings so I haven't made these generally available."

I'd like to point out there are MANY pierced-ear girls on Gor. Women whose ears were pierced could NEVER be free, according to Gorean custom. Pierced-ear girls, it is said, are the lowest and most sensual of kajirae.