Monday, May 14, 2007

Cozcaapa and an Ode update

Too much time has gone by since I posted what I've been doing. When that happens you can pretty much bet I've been pretty busy. What I have been busy on is a multi-answer question.

#1. When I was working on Ode I had spoken with Nicky Ree, the fabulous clothing designer, and shared the concept with her. She had wanted to do some work with butterflies herself. She hand painted her textures and has now introduced a butterfly inspired collection as part of her Spring Romance line that perfectly suits Ode. You may notice that on her blog in this photo of her Spring Romance line she is wearing Ode:

As you may recall, the only way to acquire Ode is to visit one of the Caledon Civic Society sponsored Butterfly Hunts. The first butterfly hunt for Ode was arranged by them and was an impromptu success. Autopilotpatty Poppy, the hostess of the hunt, had placed Pieces of Ode around her property - including in mini-prim butterflies that were flying around - and the hunters got to try to find them, catch them, and keep the pieces for their collections. Patty did a wonderful job setting it up and making sure it ran smoothly.

As far as I know that is the only hunt yet staged by the Caledon Civic Society for Ode. It is also the only way to get the set. So if you want it, contact the Society and demand more hunts. The Pieces of Ode are free. Caledon appears to be at war at the moment and so protests may be the only way to get their attention on non-war matters.

#2. Aside from the goings on with Ode, an individual I have been working closely with on a professional basis (whom I shall not name unless she permits that I do - if I would but ask) has been presented with one of probably only 3 individual one of a kind pieces I've ever done on merit. It is named "Cozcaapa" and consists of a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet. The only photo I ever took of it before presenting it was this dramatic teaser I took during its creation. As with Tayzia's "The Only Ever", I generally just don't photograph these highly specialized and personal pieces. But I may start because of this blog.

I like the photo so there it is. She (the unnamed in the background) sent her photo intended as a tease. This photo I took, although I never sent it to her, was intended to be as much a tease as she intended hers to be. The necklace changed only in that I completed it and that the princess diamond was moved to the top.

In the sacred texts of Mexican mythology Cozcaapa is the "Water of Precious Stones". It is said that the enchanters of Tezcatlipoca tried to take Quetzalcoatl's secrets of founding silver, of working precious stones, and woods, of painting and of feather working and other matters. Quetzalcoatl refused them and cast all his treasures into the fountain of Cozcaapa. (reference is here)

This piece, Cozcaapa, contains so many of my own techniques, many secret, that it is suitably named. It is also suitably owned.

#3. The WorthWhile surprise mentioned on the top of my blog for the past two months or so is in full swing. I have been working hard on that. Much of it is still design work, which takes longer than building. But I am happy with the results so far. I intend to announce its completion and availability in the 2 weeks-to-one month timeframe.

#4. Another project, which is almost completed and has been taking much of my time, is one I will talk about after the fact on here. It is quite different than my usual work. But I hope every piece is different than the last.

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Very, very, very, lucky girl said...

You can see the actual Cozcaapa necklace at the Crescent Moon museum - where the Eagle and the Serpent stand.