Saturday, March 31, 2007

Miss SL L'Oreal Paris 2007 Tiara

As has been strongly objected to by some nice people and again by some other very nice people, I concede to the actual non-existence and relative short lifespan of SL and anything in it, as well as the fact that all time we spend in there is really just temporary arrangement of a variety of ones and zeros on some hard drive on some server in San Francisco or Dallas. I persisted with this creation with the full realization this isn't worth more than perhaps a cardboard cube anyone can make. I put some time into the tiara anyway and want to let those of you who enjoy my primwork and read my blog get a first look - even before its unveiling tonight (Saturday 3/31, or 31/3 depending on your local method of expressing dates) at the Miss Second Life L'Oreal Paris pageant.

  • My Profit = $0,
  • Expense = 3 weeks on the diamond, a week and a half on the tiara
  • My reason = The Art and the principle of impossibility
I created it in five layers, so to see what's going on in there really takes seeing it in-world. I did take 1024x768 pics of it though so you can get some detail and try to pan around it like I do when trying to get a better look at pics on the web, only to realize it's just a pic on the web and there's no such thing as panning. :)

I am VERY curious to find out which of the lovely women will own and wear this tonight; very curious. I wish each of them the best of luck. I am certain karmic forces will make the correct decision.

Comments welcome.


gromike said...

it's just really a wonderful work !!!

keep on doing it, one day prims will not count, only the artistic work will be important

freshValentino 100% diamantes said...

Beautiful tiara and beautiful Natalia Sampaio!