Monday, February 5, 2007

Layout and Content Ramblings

I ramble. Thanks for even attempting to follow it and for excusing my eccentricities.

It is too tempting to add information nobody really wants to know, so I'm chewing on the question of what, exactly, to put here - on the blog. I put out an in-world almanac in notecard format with pics for the start of 2007. Do I want the blog to be a complete almanac? If so then there will be some days while I get it up-to-date with past work.

I envision this as a place where I'll just talk about what I'm currently working on, but two years of past is a lot of work to not cover since I'm positive I'll reference it.

Heck, it's dynamic. I'll go with my gut and can always rip it out later. For anyone who might possibly ever read this just tell me what you think and I'll roll with your ideas if they're not more work than I can manage.

Thanks to arraiin Grayson for making me think through even considering a blog.

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