Thursday, February 15, 2007

Current Work - Assassin Collar

Aside from a piece I really, really want to do that is giving me a hard time because there simply is no inspiration for it in my SL life right now, I have been creating a Gorean work. It is a collar for an assassin's slave.

Before you say it, no I'm not Gorean. If you've read the books you'll learn that the whole slave thing is just something that is on a very basic level on Gor. I'd compare its base existence with something like our desire to have clean bodies on Earth. Slavery is just that foundational on Gor. The way John Norman, the author, describes it's reason for existence is actually pretty brilliant. It makes one wonder about humanity, but to do so one has to toss aside all their prejudices and sit down and do some serious thinking.

That said, if one twists their mind around the culture described in the 20+ books in the series there is actually a LOT of untapped artistic fodder that in some way expresses a feeling we all have. So if you see something coming out of me relishing the "glory of the kill, capture or whatever" then that's my mind attempting to understand what it would be like to be such a one. I'm not such a one and have no desire to kill, capture or whatever, but it is an imaginative exercise of emotion and expression.

One of the problems with SL Gor is that most of the people who role play it haven't even read the first book. They have no idea what they're doing. Newbie men will go in and grab a love slave and treat her like a dog he hates. Gor isn't about that. It's more about the appreciation of beauty of the human form and desires. I'd guess that only about 10% of Goreans know that, so SL Gor is somewhat disappointing. It could be much better.

A while ago I was speaking with a Gorean friend about all this. We had the thought that perhaps if SL Gor had some of it's own original culture aimed at injecting a pride of Gorean beauty into the world then the number who actually understand what Gor is about would increase. That doesn't mean they'd read the books, but they would have a means of actively cherishing their slaves like they're supposed to do. Yes, Goreans are supposed to cherish their slaves and not kill or hurt them unless they deserve it (I know, "who deserves that?!?" All I can say is it's not Earth).

Okay, so, I'm working on a Gorean Assassin collar. It's nowhere near finished, but here's a picture of what it isn't going to look like when it's done:

As it is it is too busy and not nearly as stealthy as it should be. With assassins it's all about gold and the knife. There is nothing else. Their training includes killing their friend, so what more can there be?

No, I don't like assassins and no, nobody else does either. Goreans just get out of their way and hope they're not the target. Assassins don't kill for the fun of it or to torture anyone, ever, they kill for gold and that's all. So the collar is all about the knife and the gold. Nothing more.

This was requested as a one of a kind, but I don't do custom pieces. So it was suggested as a limited piece. I don't think I'm going to do that either because, frankly, limited pieces are pieces that express a picture inspired by a person I know. This collar is just an imagination thing, not an inspiration thing. What I will do though, because nobody likes assassins and because I can't fathom being ultra nice to someone who would kill their friend, is I'm going to put a $L10,000 price tag on it as an unlimited piece just to be a shit in my own way. If they want it they can use some of that blood money and suffer a little bit themselves. I don't care if anyone buys one. The price isn't anti-collector, it's anti-assassin. The collectors that I know won't transfer them can come to me and get one, probably for free.

See how it works?

In the meantime there are quite a few other things going on. I am keeping my eye out for the inspiration for a piece describing a particular part of nature.

Oh, and nobody is reading this blog, so I'm being pretty unselfconscious about what I say.


JellyBean Madison said...

Haha I'm reading it Mr Calliope. :D

Random Calliope said...

Jelly!!!! *HUG* You aren't supposed to know what's rummaging around in my head! Now I'll be nervous. ;)

Tayzia said...

More people read your blog then you think. It is very interesting to see what is rummaging around in your head . :)

Andre said...

I also read them all RC!
I consider your art very important. So whatever you have to say about it cannot be less interesting.

Anonymous said...

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