Friday, July 6, 2007


For those who have been speculating, WorthWhile is not a piece of jewelry. WorthWhile is a gallery where the building itself is untextured sculpture. It is named from Harry Winston's famous quote "People will stare. Make it worth their while."

So let's do that.

At 7pm SLT, July 6th, 2007 (that's tonight) I am opening the doors to the WorthWhile gallery. It wouldn't be a strange thing, except that I've always had my work in a single vendor, which has been complained about, sometimes adamantly, by many because it is not user friendly.

But WorthWhile is more than that. I didn't want to create something just part way.

I have realized that my $L2,500 pieces in my vendor in the past have set somewhat of a trend. I had followed the recommendations of those who follow my work. They wanted the prices higher, so I brought them higher. Is it worth more? Maybe. Does more work go into each piece? Probably. Is it valued higher? Definitely.

But please hear me out. Before I introduced extreme detail jewelry to Sl for $L1800 a set most jewelry was $L50-$L250 throughout SL. When I brought my prices up and kept them there most of the jewelers in SL followed after a few months. Unfortunately they (some, not all) kept their prices up and did not improve their quality. So all of SL has become accustomed to expensive jewelry of very poor quality.

So... I am going back to the pricing of my days in Olive where you could get a nice set of jewelry from me for $L250. The quality will remain very high, but the prices are anywhere from $L25 for a nice pair of earrings to match your Wish set, to $L1000 for a full set of Ice Queen.

There are some pieces, like Little Jimmy Brown, which will be put out in another location later off by themselves.

But right now it's back down to earth for you, Random old boy. Remember your beautiful cave in Olive.
Welcome all to WorthWhile. I hope you enjoy the new styles that have just opened up to you.


Very lucky girl said...

Your work is amazing Random, Thank you for making it accessible to all of us.

Very lucky girl said...

Where is your new store can't find it on SEARCH :(

Random Calliope said...

I relocated WorthWhile to a partially constructed sim called Ode. The location is in my profile.

I guess I should have blogged it.

Anonymous said...

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Random Calliope said...

Hello Cartilage Earrings Team. I visited your page and love the information you're sharing and the beautiful work you're doing. Feel free to post my blog as requested.