Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ode to Caledon

To continue my previous post, "Beginnings of an Ode", I'd like to show some final photos. The set comes in a rainbow of colors so I'll show pieces from various combinations.

If you're interested in having some, well they're free. But you have to go to Caledon and talk with either Desmond Shang or Pym Sartre to find out how to get them. :)

The set still has a black and white version.

The butterfly shown here comes as 1) a brooch 2) a hair ornament and 3) as a spinal attachment pendant to the chest-attached 240+ prim necklace. The butterfly is 100 prims. The high primcount is very much because of the inlay I used and explained in my previous post.

I like the way the individual pieces turned out. They look a lot better in-world. Here's the necklace (Amber version):

The bracelet turned out a little different, and is pretty unique, I think.

This is the rose and amber version. Again, all these come in a huge variety of colors. I think I have 8 color combinations done so far. Six have gone to Caledon already. The new ones will follow as I get every four or so different combinations done. But each takes a while to recolor. Occasionally, pretty much intentionally because I've looked very closely at both butterflies and flowers before, you'll notice an odd coloring malformation - a very slight genetic glitch. I carried that over and had fun with it.

The earrings turned out pretty cute.

These are part of the navy and emerald set, obviously.

I think the ring is all that's left to show. Here is the amber version:

It's going to be hard to tell how many different colors they'll eventually be in. I'm really not going to say. I think it'll be a blast for anyone to try to collect them though. :)

Remember - Pym Sartre and Desmond Shang. They're the only ones who know how you can get these free pieces of jewelry.

This was very much fun to make. I'm more relaxed now and even shed my suit and wore coveralls for a couple of days.

I don't know yet what I'm going to make next. I guess it's time to go dancing.


♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Pym Sartyr is not even lookupable & Desmond Shang isn't even on til after the 11th. *cries hysterically*

Random Calliope said...

I fixed the spelling in Pym Sartre's name. :)

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Huzzah Mr Calliope! I look forward to owning this set. :) Another great piece of artwork.

Lucynda Werefox said...

Wow, They are such beautiful works of art.